Energy Generation: How You Can Help To Save the Planet

Controlling soil erosion in your garden

Soil erosion — a process in which heavy rainfall or high winds remove the fertile upper layer of topsoil — is a fact of life in Australia. Sudden storms and high winds can move large quantities of soil, not only reducing the growing potential of an area but also contaminating local creeks and rivers. Erosion control is a constant problem for farmers and can be very serious in exposed areas like building sites, but it's also something to consider when planning your garden. Read More 

3 Misconceptions That Should Not Stop You from Conducting an Asbestos Survey

Some homeowners don't conduct asbestos surveys before renovations are done to their homes. Such homeowners may be driven by their belief in common misconceptions about asbestos in homes. This article discusses some of the misconceptions that should not lead you into avoiding conducting an asbestos survey prior to the commencement of renovation work on your home. Misconception 1: You Can Use Your Naked Eye to Identify Asbestos Many people believe that all asbestos is white and chalky in appearance. Read More 

Signs Indicating That You Would Require Tree Removal

Despite trees being a lovely addition to your yard, you should also keep in mind that they do not last forever. It is prudent to know the signs of a tree that it going to topple over if you are to sidestep an array of problems such as property damage, plant diseases and more. Nevertheless, some homeowners are not aware that their tree has become either too old or has developed decay and disease that compromises its structural integrity. Read More 

Is Your Office Suffering From Sick Building Syndrome?

When workers in your office complain of respiratory symptoms and general malaise, you may assume that they have picked up some kind of infection. However, if more than 20 percent of your workforce develops symptoms, then it may in fact be your building that is sick. Sick building syndrome is a term given to properties that cause people to feel unwell during the time they spend in the building, with symptoms usually disappearing when workers go on vacation or spend time at home. Read More 

Three Easy Steps to Deal with Renovation Waste

If you love do-it-yourself home improvement projects, you probably know that you have to deal with the issue of waste disposal. While waste disposal may not be one of the most appealing topics on home improvement, it is imperative to find eco-friendly ways of managing waste such as fixtures and construction debris. Here are some tips for reducing the environmental impact of your home improvement project through sound management of waste disposal. Read More 

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Energy Generation: How You Can Help To Save the Planet

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Soil erosion — a process in which heavy rainfall o

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Some homeowners don't conduct asbestos surveys bef