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Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioning Healthy

As a virtual life-saver that stops your home from overheating, air conditioning is an essential part of many people's daily lives. If you want to make sure your system keeps ticking over, there are steps you can take to keep it healthy.

Make moves towards de-clogging your filter

Your filter rests at the heart of your system's efficacy. If clogging occurs, not only will you suffer from poor air quality, but also you'll risk damaging the evaporator coil that keeps the air cool. Where your system's filter is may vary depending on the brand. It usually rests beyond the grill that pumps air into your room. If you're struggling to find it, you can always ask an air conditioning maintenance team to do the job. Do remember that your filter will need cleaning more often if you have pets or live in a dusty environment.

Keep your coil clean

Although de-clogging your filter goes a long way towards enhancing your coil's shelf life, it won't prevent it from becoming dirty altogether. Fortunately, you only need to check the coil on an annual basis. If you have an outdoor condenser coil, try to stop foliage from falling around it by trimming trees and bushes back. Check the coil from time-to-time to see if there's any dirt present. Doing this every three months may prevent you from having to use an air conditioning repair service, and could, therefore, elongate your system's lifespan. 

Straighten the fins

If you're feeling confident, you may want to straighten your air conditioner's fins. Look at the fins to see if any are bent. If they are, then gently straighten them using a cutlery knife. Try not to push the knife in any further than five centimeters, as this may cause damage to the system beneath. Your system's fins play a vital role in keeping the air cool, so if you free them from debris you'll enhance its performance.

Know when to use an air conditioning maintenance service

If you feel confident enough to maintain your system yourself, then great. However, if a task feels as though it's beyond your scope of confidence, call on the professionals. Regular maintenance from those who know how to carry out such tasks without damaging the system prevents unnecessary repairs. 

Setting time aside to maintain your air condition system allows you to enjoy cool air for longer and reduces the need for costly repairs. Before touching your system, always remember to switch off the power and allow all parts to cool. As a result, you'll reduce the risk of electric shocks and burns. 

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