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Signs Indicating That You Would Require Tree Removal

Despite trees being a lovely addition to your yard, you should also keep in mind that they do not last forever. It is prudent to know the signs of a tree that it going to topple over if you are to sidestep an array of problems such as property damage, plant diseases and more. Nevertheless, some homeowners are not aware that their tree has become either too old or has developed decay and disease that compromises its structural integrity. The following are some of the signs to look out for that would indicate you require tree removal services soon.

Your tree has developed fungal growths

One of the first places to search for tree damage would be at the base of the tree. Look for any extensive patches of fungi that could be around the base of the tree. Although mushrooms tend to commonly grow in close proximity to the tree base, a large colony of mushroom could be indicative of rot developing in your tree. Another sign to look out for would be any fungal patches that are developing directly on the bark of the tree. In this instance, the decay will have spread, which would indicate extensive internal decay in the tree. It would be in your best interests to have the tree felled since the internal rot will only spread further in the tree.

Your tree has started leaning to one side

Healthy trees are supposed to stand upright. As they get older, they may slope slightly to one side, but the trunk of the tree should still have some semblance of being upright. If you begin to notice that the tree is gradually tilting further away from its original position, then chances are the tree has become compromised. Leaning to one side is usually caused by damaged roots that either have become weak over time or have completely broken off, therefore becoming unable to provide the tree with adequate support. Leaning trees are a hazard as they could easily topple over the moment that you being to experience inclement weather such as heavy rains or high winds. Hire tree removal services whenever you notice that a tree is no longer standing upright as it used to be.

Your tree's trunk sounds hollow

Another simple check to perform to establish whether your tree is in need of removal is by knocking on its truck. A hollow sounding trunk is an indicator that the internal parts of the tree have been eaten away, usually because of a termite infestation. It would only be a matter of time before the tree disintegrates, therefore, it would be best to have it removed altogether.

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