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Three Easy Steps to Deal with Renovation Waste

If you love do-it-yourself home improvement projects, you probably know that you have to deal with the issue of waste disposal. While waste disposal may not be one of the most appealing topics on home improvement, it is imperative to find eco-friendly ways of managing waste such as fixtures and construction debris. Here are some tips for reducing the environmental impact of your home improvement project through sound management of waste disposal.

Prior Planning for Waste Reduction -- Before you begin any renovation work, have measures to minimize the accumulation of waste. One approach is to reuse fixtures such as bulbs, knobs, bricks, and sinks, rather than replacing them. Ask your supplier not to package non-fragile materials, and ask whether the vendor accepts returned packaging material. Dismantle items and fixtures instead of demolishing them. This way, you can separate materials that can be recycled, reused, or salvaged.   

Reuse and Recycle Waste -- Some fixtures can be reused or re-purposed in your house, saving you the cost of replacement. You can also donate or sell these items locally to schools, clubs, and online groups in need of specific merchandise, thus reducing shipping costs. You can have carpentry items made out of leftover wood while bricks and blocks can play a key role in landscaping. Recycle materials by dropping them off at a recycle center or a salvage facility. Recyclable materials include steel, cardboard, paper, tiles, and galvanized pipes among others.   

Dispose of the Waste Yourself -- After removing all recyclable material and things for donation, you can haul the rest of the waste to the nearest landfill. You'll need a trailer or flatbed pick-up truck to haul the waste. Be sure to familiarize yourself with local laws regarding disposal at the landfill. Any issues can be clarified with a phone call to your local landfill office. Make sure that there are no hazardous materials such as lead paint, asbestos, and Freon in the waste. You can seek the services of a renovation waste disposal company to help with the recycling while you take care of the transportation to the landfill.   

Renovation waste disposal should not be a venture that shrinks your finances. With proper research and planning, you can take care of your waste problem with greater efficiency and at a marginal cost. Ultimately, you will be proud of the key role you have played in maintaining an eco-friendly environment in your neighborhood.   


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